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The RoseVine by NSNRP
3 min readMay 16, 2021


What You’ve Been Missing, Spring 2021

LÜM & Soundcore Artists of the Week Series


LÜM And Soundcore started a new series highlighting some of the amazing talent on the LÜM Music streaming platform. The first week kicked off highlighting talented musicians Rosa Nice, ILY Truly, Michael Rashad, and Jneshia. The weekly series has also highlighted rising stars Gabby B, Charlee Bravo, Devyn Kelly, and Blkzen. Each artist of the week walks away with a brand new pair of Soundcore Liberty headphones, too. These headphones not only have a unique listening experience, but they are customizable to the listener’s ears and volume preference.

The Exchange


LÜM has recently launched a new platform called The Exchange. This service allows creators to sell and purchase the services of other creators. Celebrity partner Neyo offers track reviews where he brings the musician to his Instagram Live and shares his opinion and platform. This new feature allows creators the ability to monetize their talent, and it cuts out the middle man.



LÜM recently released its newest update with the additon of communites. Communities are similar to forums where users can find like minded individuals, promote themselves, and create lasting connections through posts specifically for certain communities. For example, in the “Undiscovered Hits” community, users can post a song and an explanation of the song. The engagement in these communities allow for a unique experience where moderators approve only the top quality content.

Creator Highlight

“Being an artist in a small state comes with its challenges but my passion for music rises above all the doubt . Growing up, there were many ways one could find trouble but not manys to avoid trouble. Music became a way for me to speak my mind and talk about my life without necessarily feeling restricted. As an artist I take delight in listening to other artist’s creations and understanding their message because I want others to also listen to my creation and understand my message. Over the years of making music, I have discovered different styles and flows that are salient depending on song type and message. My love for music runs deep and for that reason I take music making very serious. My hope is one day someone is going to see or hear about all the work I have done and they will understand why I made that specific song.”

Originally from Athens, Georgia, P.O.E.T. is a decendent of W.C. Handy, the self-proclaimed father of blues, and literally has music running through his blood. With influences liek Bob Marley, Tupac, and Biggie, P.O.E.T. has a musical sound that is unique and inrtiguing.



The RoseVine by NSNRP

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