Traditional Streaming Make Way For LÜM Music

The RoseVine by NSNRP
4 min readJan 26, 2021


The future of streaming has arrived, and it’s free.

Direct Streaming Platforms, also known as DSPs, are instrumental, no pun intended, in delivering quality music from an artist to a fan. The most well-known DSPs, such as Itunes, Spotify, Tidal, and Napster, pay musicians as little as $0.00069 per stream (digital music news, 2020). At this pay rate an artist would need a million streams to make $690. LÜM is a free music streaming application which allows musicians to not only upload unlimited tracks and create a family-like fan base, but it also puts payment directly in the hands of the artist by allowing fans to tip their favorite artists with a digital currency called Notes. With the recent launch of the LÜM Exchange program, yet again the application has given creators an opportunity to sell their services, such as beats, features, and track reviews, directly to their consumer. Want to know what makes LÜM so great? Download the app, or type in on your computer, and tune into some of these LÜM artists today!


Alt-Hip-Pop artist, TeawhYB (Through Every Action Who Has Your Back), represents a brand of authenticity and ultimate connectivity, providing heartfelt commentary centered on self-actualization, celebration, and sorrow over guitars, synths, and drum kits.

Originating from Green Bay, WI and formerly noted for his college-life, party-induced sound, TeawhYB took a hiatus from a budding music career while coming to terms with his personal identity. He has since redirected his auditory creativity, mending the past, present, and future.

“Being aware of your identity is much different than accepting it. Once I was comfortable in my own skin everything started clicking musically. I have nothing to hide anymore and you can hear that in the music.”

Micas Music

“I’m MICA, pronounced Me-Ka, and I’m a Singer/Songwriter for all genres of music. I’m a FEMCEE from Washington,DC. I have performed at the National Mall in Washington, DC for The Honorable Louis Farrakhan and Richard Smallwood. I have performed at the Kennedy Center for Jeff Majors. I have modeled for Hype Hair magazine, and I was featured in H.E.M.P HOP magazine. I also write for a Lupus blog. I want to be a beacon of hope for people with disabilities to show that no matter what the obstacles we may face in life, we should not give up on our dreams!”


Steve Muir, better known by his stage name Jay-M, is a Jamaican-American rapper, singer, and songwriter. Jay-M skillfully brings listeners into his own world through his masterful storytelling and composition techniques. He uses rhythm & flow, and the art of language, to craft vivid stories and turn them into unforgettable rhymes and melodies in a new sound unlike anyone else.

Rosa Nice

Rosa Nice is the sole artist, and CEO, of Not So Nice Records & Promotions. In one year, Rosa has accumulated over109,000 streams, with at least 3000 song adds, and over 200 playlist adds. Rosa believes in the power of directly communicating with her fans, and she hopes that more people will join the LÜM family soon!

Rosa Nice uses her Pandora Radio position to share the stage with other musicans from LÜM as she curates a playlist on Pandora Radio dedicated to LÜM Artists and their growth. She curates one of the top playlists on LUM, too, called Sugar, Spice, & Everything Nice.



The RoseVine by NSNRP

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